About Seattle Best Tea

If you live in or travel through the beautiful Pacific Northwest, discover one of the most informal tea gatherings and hidden oolong schools outside of Taiwan. Ours is not a tea house, with tea pots and tables for rent. When you sit to drink and contemplate tea at Seattle Best Tea, you become part of our Seattle Best Tea family. The devoted regulars and the always welcome newcomers who gather around our tea table help create the convivial atmosphere of Seattle Best Tea.

We are Taiwanese steeped in tea culture from childhood by our parents and grandparents, until this culture became second nature to us. From the time we founded our Chinatown business in 1996, our intention has been for our guests to benefit from the tranquility, aesthetic beauty, and well-being of the Way of Tea, as well as to acquire and build knowledge of oolong tea and a variety of other Chinese teas in an informal and comfortable setting.

In addition to our expertise and understanding of tea—testament to over a half century of study and immersion—a unique advantage for our customers is our familial ties to the most advanced and experienced tea farmers in Taiwan, enabling us to regularly provide our discerning customers with the most elusive top quality high mountain oolong, and other teas, teapots, and tea wares at a fair price.

We know of no other shop like ours outside of Taiwan. You are most welcome to sit and join one of America’s friendliest tea tables as we share the pleasures and knowledge of the Way of Tea.

Joe Hsu & Lydia Lin