High Mountain Oolong Tea

For special occasions, or for the discerning tea drinker. Our premium high mountain teas are a cut above the rest.
Thickened leaves of the finest quality are picked by hand before undergoing the transformation into ball-shaped, emerald-colored Oolong tea in a cool and natural environment. After being brewed with water, the green tea’s sweet and mellow taste and exotic faint fragrance can be enjoyed. The tea is high in antioxidants and great for body detoxification. High mountain teas possess a great aroma and a delicate, sweet floral taste.

Da Yu Ling High Mountain Oolong Tea | 大禹岭高山乌龙茶

Da Yu Ling High Mountain Oolong Tea grows at 7,500 – 8,500 feet in the high mountains. The tea is grown surrounded by dense forests, where there is a huge temperature difference between day and night. Owing to the cool climate, tea bushes grow slowly, and the resulting tea leaves are plump and green with warm, smooth traits. In such a deep, clean, high, and cold environment, the cultivated tea is soft, smooth, fragrant, sweet, and freshly flavored. The resulting liquid has a golden and green color, clean and transparent, sending off a natural purifying fragrance.

This tea tends to flow among your teeth, with a fragrance that lingers for a long time. Since it is hand-picked and undergoes only mild fermentation, Da Yu Ling retains the aroma of the original tea forests.

Da Yu Ling is plucked twice a year: in the spring, to be made into tea in mid-May, and in the winter, made into tea in late October.