Our high quality Organic Premium High Mountain tea are imported from Taiwan featuring Oolong, Jasmine, Ti Kuan Yin and Black Tea and some other organic teas from China.

Customers can purchase our tea products at the store, delivered and online orders through our website The owner, Chester Hsu, also visited the organic farm to ensure the high quality of the tea growing and packaging process.

About BOBA

The owners spent over years of perfecting the tea-making craft to create Seattle Best Teas’ Unique Flavor and Quality bubble tea menu, including our own Organic Oolong tea bubble tea. Our best sellers are Oolong Milk tea, Jasmine Milk Tea, Black Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea as well as Fruit Milk Tea.

Our Smoothie menu includes mango, lychee, strawberry, brown sugar, avocado and more.
Our Sweet Tea are made from all kinds of high-quality organic teas: green, black and jasmine tea, including other non-caffeinated herbal teas like Rose and Chrysanthemum teas etc., with fresh fruits added. We also make customized tea for our customers.
Our ice cream menu includes Jasmine and Oolong as the core unique flavors as they are made from our premium Organic tea products.